Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Colors of Fall: A Felt Maple Leaf Headband Tutorial

I don't know about you but September's are super busy for this momma!
Everything seems to start all at once at a record breaking pace!
Things have started to get back to "normal" around here and 
I'm so excited to be sharing this little project with you today! 

Seriously though, fall is my favorite! The colors, the food, the cooler temperatures!
I don't think I could live where the leaves didn't change colors.

Which is where this adorable little felt maple leaf clippie comes in!
I recently made a custom dress for the most adorable little girl who wanted 
to have a Maple Syrup Themed birthday Party...say what?!?! 
All I can say is I want to eat all the food at this party!
 Can you imagine a pancake birthday cake!! Yum!

She wanted her dress to represent a maple tree and this little clip made all the difference.
She could clip it in her hair or on the dress to finish the look! Needless
to say she loved the dress so much she slept in it!

 I couldn't resist making a few more slightly smaller leaves for my little girls to wear!
 And here's the best part! I made a printable just for you! 
Because I {Big Puffy Heart} Fall!

You can find the printable here:

Scraps of Felt
Embroidery Thread and Needle
Barrettes (I find mine in the jewelry/bead section of craft stores)

Step 1 : Choose a maple leaf size and trace one maple leaf onto 2 different colors of felt. One color for the front and one for the back. (I wanted mine to be 2 different colors)

Step 2: Cut out your maple leaves

Step 3: Hand or Machine sew your two maple leaves together

Step 4: Using scissors cut two small slits into the BACK SIDE ONLY (you should only be cutting through the back piece of felt to insert the barrette)

Step 5: Insert your barrette piece into the felt leaf. VIOLA. Now you can clip your leaf onto a headband or a cute hat. You can use some hot glue to secure the barrette or just leave it the way it is.

"I'm so glad that I live in a world where there are October's"
{Anne of Green Gables}

From my {heart} to yours

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