Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lots of Love for Quiet Books

So why quiet books you might ask?
I {love} making things. 
I always have.
 I guess you could say it's one of my favorite things.
To make ideas come to life for little babes to love and enjoy.
But even more so I love sharing those ideas with you.
Which is what sparked this little blog. 
I may not post everyday, but my mind is always working on something fun.

When I made my first quiet book for my second daughter I was hooked.
The idea was perfect for her busy little hands.
I saw so many cute ideas online to start out with. 
And truthfully their are so so many adorable ideas out there.
Believe me once you start looking you won't be able to stop! 
Then I began to make up some of my own patterns, 
and used them in both of my nieces books and then my sons.
It wasn't until then that I thought about making these little
 quiet books into something more.
A special unique gift for other little ones. 

I simply{adore} watching my son play for hours with his quiet book.
I love seeing his little fingers discover the activities on the pages
and how much he loves every little detail.
 From the buttons and finger puppets,
 to the snaps and buckles. 
I treasure these simple quiet moments with him.
My kids even love them in the car and on long road trips,
especially airplane rides!

Some quiet book page patterns are in the works but for now....
If you would like to see some other adorable ideas 

I hope this has sparked your imagination! 
Or at least given you a quick look into a quiet moment in this busy mamma's world.


Capturing these moments has been delightful!
The little guy says thanks for stopping by and come again soon
because there are some adorable patterns in the works

From my {heart} to yours

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hello is so sweet...and so are {free} patterns

I'm so glad your visiting me here today! I'm Marion the girl behind Madyson & Marie.
 Wife to an amazing, loving, hard working, handsome man and mom to three beautiful and
energetic babies. I am so blessed to be their mom and constantly try to
 soak up every single precious moment with them.
 I am a nurse by trade and work with some truly inspiring people.
 I have shared in their grief, hope, joy, and triumph, and my life has been
enriched just from having the honor of being a part of theirs.

I am so excited to finally be posting on my very own blog for the first time!
This has been on my heart for a long time
and I finally feel like I have reached a season in my life where this fits perfectly.
I have so many fun things to bring and so many patterns up my sleeve that I can't wait to share. Sharing is my thing...I {big puffy} heart sharing! xoxo

It's hard to believe but I am actually not exactly new to blogging.
My friends and I had an adorable little blog together, what seems like ages ago!
(ok maybe a little free spirited.. but adorable)
We used to blog about our lives and crafts
and pretty much anything that was on our hearts.
It's funny to go back and see how much fun we had together,
and also how much each of us has grown since then.
If your curious you can view a few of my posts
  here, here, here, and here.  

 Opening my little Etsy shop has been a dream come true for me!
 In my heart I just love making pretty things for little ones. Well, I basically love all things handmade!
When my second little girl was born I fell in love with the idea of a quiet book.
You could say she was my inspiration to make my very first one.
She was my quiet learner then and had some speech delays. However,
she loved activity based learning and tactile play. She wanted to touch
and feel everything around her.
 Well, you could say I fell in love with those little books.
 Watching her little hands work through her quiet book brought me so much joy.
I started making patterns of my own
 which is what sparked Madyson & Marie.
My little shop is named after my first two girls.
It just fit perfectly!
 Plus my little guy wasn't born yet.
I don't know where this little adventure will take me but
I have so many ideas and exciting things in the works!

Now for the super fun part!

I wanted to bring something extra special today to celebrate my very first blog post!
So... I am so excited to share these adorable little finger puppets!
Yup! You heard right!
They are free!
 From me to you!
I love being able to share things like this!
Crafting is only fun when we do it together anyway right!?
And what could be more fun that some adorable little forest friends for your little ones to play with. My girls have already claimed these guys as their own
and they are off having grand adventures together.

You will find the link below. How exciting is that!! Download the tutorial and pattern pieces from the  link below and enjoy! I would love it even more to see pictures of all the adorable puppets you guys make and tag me @madysonandmarie with hashtag #madysonandmariefingerpuppets. Seriously you guys I can't wait to see!

How fun right! 

From my {heart} to yours 

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