Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lots of Love for Quiet Books

So why quiet books you might ask?
I {love} making things. 
I always have.
 I guess you could say it's one of my favorite things.
To make ideas come to life for little babes to love and enjoy.
But even more so I love sharing those ideas with you.
Which is what sparked this little blog. 
I may not post everyday, but my mind is always working on something fun.

When I made my first quiet book for my second daughter I was hooked.
The idea was perfect for her busy little hands.
I saw so many cute ideas online to start out with. 
And truthfully their are so so many adorable ideas out there.
Believe me once you start looking you won't be able to stop! 
Then I began to make up some of my own patterns, 
and used them in both of my nieces books and then my sons.
It wasn't until then that I thought about making these little
 quiet books into something more.
A special unique gift for other little ones. 

I simply{adore} watching my son play for hours with his quiet book.
I love seeing his little fingers discover the activities on the pages
and how much he loves every little detail.
 From the buttons and finger puppets,
 to the snaps and buckles. 
I treasure these simple quiet moments with him.
My kids even love them in the car and on long road trips,
especially airplane rides!

Some quiet book page patterns are in the works but for now....
If you would like to see some other adorable ideas 

I hope this has sparked your imagination! 
Or at least given you a quick look into a quiet moment in this busy mamma's world.


Capturing these moments has been delightful!
The little guy says thanks for stopping by and come again soon
because there are some adorable patterns in the works

From my {heart} to yours

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